Paterson Pumps is an Australian owned company manufacturing Axial Flow and Vertical Turbines for over 60 years. Paterson Pumps supplies pump sets Australia wide and overseas servicing Fiji and New Caledonia with seawater units, the Middle East with water transfer pump sets. With a wide capacity to custom build pump solutions, in a great range of applications.

The pumps are custom built for many different systems.

Our aim has always been to manufacture and design the most efficient and long-lasting pump.

The company has been very successful in producing a non-corrosive, highly efficient pump suitable for civil, re-use, industrial, aquaculture or, agriculture applications.

Paterson Pumps are the only manufacturers that use the non-corrosive polyethylene HDPE columns up to 355mm dia.


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2 Nicholas Drive,
Moama NSW 2731

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