Paterson Axial-Flow pumps operate with the impeller below the water level giving the advantage that no priming is necessary.
With no priming necessary it is an easy start up and trouble-free automation of pump controls to be used.

Paterson Pumps columns are manufactured using high density polyethylene HDPE columns up to 355 mm dia. Also, you can have columns manufactured by using steel, stainless steel or cast.


Angle application of river pumps enables river pumping without the dangers involved in removing the pump every time rivers rise and fall, therefore saving money and risk of injury on steep riverbanks.

Axial-Flow re-lift pumps enable the most cost-effective way to lift re-cycle water to supply dams whilst being able to be a fully automated operation. Therefore, this saves time and money for the farmer while giving a long trouble-free service.


Paterson Pumps are manufactured with 431 stainless steel shafts, all cast wet ends, columns with either HDPE polyethylene, steel or cast columns. The pumps are put together using stainless steel nuts and bolts. Impellers can be either bronze or stainless steel.

  • High efficiency: Means “lower operating costs” over the life of the pump, this is because of the lower power requirements, and the efficiency of the impeller to suit the application.

  • Variable Head: The Axial-Flow pump has the advantage of delivering a near constant rate of flow with varying lift, such as occurs in river. Also, the efficiency is high over a wide range of heads.

  • Submerged Turbine: The word “Turbine” is commonly used to describe the Axial-Flow impeller and bowl or stator assembly, which may be single or multi stage. The in-line shaft drive is convenient for a system in which the turbine is submerged under all water level conditions. The practice of locating the turbine underwater is common with all Axial-Flow pumps. The system of having the turbine submerged results in many benefits, especially simplification, and avoidance of complications in equipment an operation.

  • Self-priming: With no priming necessary Axial-Flow pumps are easy to start up.

  • Suction lift is avoided: In other words the NPSH available is the full atmospheric pressure plus the depth of submergence. This permits high water velocity through the pump so that the casing size can be minimized. (High suction lift is a condition common with centrifugal pump installations and represents a considerable problem. Also with Mixed-River Pumps it is necessary to place the pumps above river flood level. To avoid cavitations, velocities must be low, increasing the casing size. And the priming and protective devices add to the difficulties of operation and maintenance.

  • Back flush: Because there is no need to use a foot-valve, or any kind of valve, it is normal to allow the water in the pump and column to run back after each stop. This has the very beneficial, and necessary effect of flushing trash off the intake strainer and of clearing fibrous material from the impeller and stator. (With the column containing air, the pump is ready for a light-load start).

  • Electric Motor Drives: Use standard solid shaft flange mounted electric motors fitted to heavy duty thrust assembly.

  • Submersible Pump: Is direct coupled using high quality and efficient electric motors.

  • Right Angle Gear Drives: Used for diesel engine powered pumping applications and are available in a range of speed ratios and power ratings.

  • Discharge Heads: Incorporating flanged outlet connection, water lubricated shaft packing gland and machined spigotted mounting flange for thrust assembly mounting.

  • Impellers: High efficiency impellers are balanced for vibration free operation.

  • Column and Shafting: Column pipe is mild steel with either screwed or flanged connections in 1.5 or 3 metre sections for pump running speeds and bearing spacing.

  • Pump Stage Casings: Cast iron or bronze construction with guide vanes and rigid shaft support bearings. Fitted with neoprene rubber drive shaft bearings.

  • Inlet Strainers: Choice of conical or basket type inlet strainers are available in heavy galvanised mild steel or stainless steel to suit installation type and water quality.

  • Low horsepower – High volume

  • Suitable for many fluid movement applications

  • Ability to pump fluids containing dissolved solids

  • Columns manufactured in a choice of High Density Polyethylene, Galvanised Pipe or Cast Iron dependent on pump size and application.

  • Cast Iron or Galvanised Steel Heads dependent on pump size and application.

  • Stainless Steel Shafts, nuts and bolts

  • Cast Iron wet ends

  • High efficiency bronze impellers or optional stainless steel.


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